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Our New Hope

Our interns definitely know the way to our heart! Intern, Caroline Bucky, (whose name we quickly shortened to ‘Bucky’) just returned to school—but not before dropping by with a box of her favorite hometown cookies!

Hope’s Country Fresh Cookies, located in Rosemont, PA, knows how to make some mean cookies. The Heath Bar Crunch was the office favorite, but you couldn’t go wrong with any of their yummy varieties.

Hope’s Contact info: (you’re going to want it!)
1125 W. Lancaster Ave, PA.

Making an Exit

Your wedding celebration has come to a close and it’s time to ride off into the sunset… don’t forget your getaway car!

Take the time to decorate this final detail. You can take a page from the royal wedding and add a cheeky balloon and “Just Wed” license plate. Or, honor the tradition with a uniquely-you twist.

  • Always wearing Converse Sneakers? Tie ‘em on.
  • Drink Diet Coke like it’s your job? Fasten that too.
  • Love the streamers you used to decorate your reception? Keep it coordinated!

Anything & everything can be the tailfeathers of your getaway car! Just be creative. I decorated this Rolls Royce with a wreath of baby’s breath and a classic, “Just Married” sign, to flow with the wedding’s glamourous vibe.

Sitting on the Wall

On a recent trip to Berlin I discovered the “papphocker,” a cardboard stool. The first papphocker originated as rapid and cost-effective seating solution for large halls during German Catholic and Protestant church services.

What blew me away was how sturdy this cardboard actually is—I stood on top of the stool & it didn’t show a sign of pressure!

As a souvenir, I brought each member of my staff their own papphocker in the Berlin Wall design. Now they each have a special piece of history to sit on. Order yours here:

Messin’ With Texas

Happy first day of Fall!

Over the summer we had two great interns, coincidentally both named Caroline. At first it created confusion, but then we lovingly renamed them. Now, “the Carolines” are back to school, but our girl ‘Texas’ hasn’t forgotten us– or our love of dessert!

We received this amazing Pecan Pie in the mail the other day and had to feature it as the perfect Autumn treat. Made by Goode Company BBQ Hall of Fame, our Pecan Pie arrived still warm. We’re impressed!

Hankering for this Texan specialty? Check out their site. (Just in time for pecan season!)

Never Play with Your Food

Artist, Jason Mecier, never learned not to play with his food. In fact, Mecier is making a name for himself and his edible spin on branding. At first glance you might recognize these two creations from the windows of 5th Avenue, but look again… each designer logo is actually made from the contents of your pantry!

Mecier has created a buzz on ad campaigns for such heavyweights as Wrigley’s, Ford, Quaker, Neiman Marcus, Aveeno, Corona, MTV, and W Hotel. But that’s not all. His “Celebrity Junk Drawer” has been featured everywhere from Rolling Stone to The New York Times. Check out more here:

Coloring Book World

Ever wish you could revert to days of your youth—when your only worry was to stay within the lines? Do you have little ones of your own and need the perfect way to engage them on an indoor fall day? Bring back the coloring book of your childhood with these interactive statement accessories. Shoes that you can color yourself! (Found on Etsy)

And crayon rings inspired by Timothy Liles. (Found at Saks Fifth, Etsy and Your child will have a blast with the activity and you will love fostering their creativity!

Milk & Cookies NYC

Heaven? I know what it smells like. Walk into the West Village cookie shop, Milk & Cookies, and you will too!

Better than going home for a fresh batch of Mom’s homemade cookies, this bakery allows you to create your own cookies by choosing one of their base dough flavors and adding any of the 25 or more mix in options. Every dozen will be baked fresh right in front of you.

But, of course, this cookie shop also has the largest variety of flavors than any other bakery— at least 14 flavors available at all times. (Let me tell you, none disappoint!)

PS. One of my very favorites is the salted caramel– it’s the only cookie I’ve ever tried that combines sweet & salty!

Milk & Cookies Location:
19 Commerce St # 2
New York,NY10014-5735

Lost Art of Etiquette

Recently I’ve noticed this as a true problem. Let’s run through a bit of the basics that are apparently no longer basics…

1. Entering & Exiting: Ladies First! This is a must for gentleman everywhere. But not only should a gentleman open the door, he should also step aside for women to enter and exit an elevator first. Ladies, do not scoff at a guy for attempting this— he has manners and is honoring you.

2. Arrive on time. “Fashionably late” should never be a part of your vocabulary

3. Leave graciously. Perfect follow-up to the previous rule—never overstay your welcome.

4. Always write a thank you note. Even to family members, they were considerate for you. You should be equally so to them!

5. Sit down as a family for dinner. I can’t stress this enough. Did you notice there’s a direct correlation between the amount of time we are sitting in front of the TV and our country’s battle with obesity? Rather than eating a meal glued to the television, sit down at your dining room table and have a family conversation.


What basic manners were you taught? Have you seen them missing in recent interactions?

La Ville-Lumière


I’m writing from La Ville-Lumière (the City of Lights)– Paris!

Here I attended the 2011 Maison de Objet, an international event for interior design and decoration. After seeing all the latest trends in decor, furniture and design, I have so many new ideas to bring back and share with you.

Before I go, I wanted to leave you with this photo of the Eifel Tower. At night the lights seem to twinkle and the whole city is set aglow by it’s own brilliant nightlight… I cannot help but feel inspired. Of all of the world’s landmarks, I truly believe the French have achieved perfection in their use of light to commemorate this majestic icon.

What inspires you? Share your favorite place to visit or thing to do.

A Country United

On this anniversary weekend we as Americans are taking the time to remember.

As a tribute, my office recently placed four flags in our windows facing 27th street. What really spoke to me as we hung these flags was the honor and symbolism they possess.

“The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing.” – American Flag Code